CDC study shows Tennessee’s motorcycle helmet laws save lives

We have previously written about the unacceptably high number of fatal motorcycle accidents on Tennessee roads. Approximately 114 riders lost their lives in crashes last year alone, according to the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Nationwide, motorcycles make up only about 3 percent of all registered road vehicles, yet motorcyclists comprise 14 percent of those who… (read more)

New Jersey State Police trooper finds body

An 18-year-old Bayville man was sentenced in Berkeley Township Municipal Court earlier this week in a criminal case brought against him after a fatal canoe accident in Barnegat Bay that occurred in June. The judge acknowledged that the facts remain unclear regarding what happened surrounding that tragic boating accident. The judge reportedly said at sentencing,… (read more)

Rescue Crews Finally Locate Fourth Body In Collapsed Garage

A construction disaster killed at four Miami workers last week and injured seven more. For reasons that remain unclear pending an investigation, a five-story parking garage suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed. The construction accident in Beverly Hills has attracted national news as rescuers worked around the clock to try to find a fourth missing worker. Two… (read more)

After a Car Accident in Naples

Irrespective of how prepared once you reach the street you’re, you are at risk for becoming involved in a vehicle accident at any time. It’s usually encouraged that you know what direction to go should a collision happen while you may possibly not be hoping to enter into a collision. 1. Remain Calm and Accumulated… (read more)

Bank Must Develop the Notice

Once you got out your loan, you signed equally a mortgage. The promissory note is what confirms your obligation to pay for your mortgage loan. The mortgage generates a loan about the residence. The note’s case may be the only party that has the proper to foreclose on the home. (find out about promissory notes.)… (read more)

DUI Accidents and Problems in Washington State

An official makes your decision when he thinks there’s for that charge to arrest a resident. This can be a subjective perception about the part of to endure challenging in courtroom and also the official, it should be proven that there have been adequate details to predicate the final outcome the driver was underneath the… (read more)

Bodily Harm After a DUI Accident

The offense of DUI Causing Serious Bodily Damage is described in Part 316.193(3), Florida Sculptures. The crime includes three informative components, which should be confirmed beyond a question that is fair: The offender was in bodily control of the car or went; Although in bodily control of the automobile or operating, offender was towards the… (read more)

Some Advice After an Accident From DUI

Keep in the Arena Till it really is proper to take action, never abandon the accident scene. In case you leave, someone has experienced injuries or was killed, specifically where, you can face serious legal charges to be a winner-and- driver. Check on Passengers and All People Make certain everybody involved in the collision is… (read more)